Monty on the Run (partial) HTML5 remake

Inspired by a Monty Mole revival at the Games Britannia festival, I've recreated part of Monty On The Run as a gigantic single map in HTML/JavaScript. Still needs a little bit of work.

Super Toast Catch!! HTML5 game

A simple game I developed using the Jixel JavaScript game library. (I originally coded it in Flash using the Flixel library, then brought it over to JavaScript.)

WebGL interactive tutorial

An interactive reminder of the various elements that go into WebGL canvas code. The realtime value sliders are inspired by the work of Bret Victor.


Custom bookmarking app I've developed over the last couple of years, when I realised that Delicious and Evernote weren't quite the right fit for my brain.

2D Mini Maze

A joke ZX Spectrum BASIC game. Developed for a 1996 comp.sys.sinclair usergroup competition, which was inspired by the Spectrum's infamously bad Cassette 50 compilation.

Mayhem 3 - Spook!

From 1996 onwards, I developed various follow-ups to Mayhem 2 (below). In the end, I just rejigged the original with slightly improved graphics, new weapons and power-ups, and (slightly) more attractive mazes.

Mayhem 2

An AMOS Basic multiplayer game I developed for the Amiga in 1995. I submitted it to a few public domain libraries, and one awarded it their Game of the Month.

Tandy Amiga promo

My first bit of real-world programming: a very short little animation I created for my local Tandy store, when I was around 15 years old.