Mug SmashersSo I’m worshipping Easy Retro as my new god now — sacrificing goats, the lot. They’re creating a library of old arcade, console and computer games that you can play right in your browser — none of that faffing about with emulators, which means more time for fun and biscuits. One highlight is obscure ’90s beat-’em-up Mug Smashers, which isn’t as good as Final Fight but obv has a much better name. The array of mugs you have to smash include sailors, street workers, and men wearing little more than leotards and an angry face. SMASH THEM ALL, because these basts think nothing of hanging your trussed-up girlfriend out of a helicopter. Or, slightly less sinisterly, driving her around on the back of a forklift truck. Play Mug Smasher (Flash)