Red Chaser

Cannot… stop… playing… Red Chaser.

There’s little here that a bazillion Kongregate-hosted dodge-the-blob Flash games haven’t done before. But the music is relentless (Speed Of Dark by Cartoon Bomb, since you ask), the enemies come in just-discernible waves so it’s undeniably your fault if you lose, and the multicoloured neon madness – combined with the need for hyper-alert stare-of-death concentration – sends the game straight through your eyeballs and into your brain in a properly psychedelic way.

Red Chaser isn’t a rhythm game, but all the same I have a feeling Zach Lewis has been playing the BIT.TRIP series and likes what he sees and hears. No harm in that. Play Red Chaser (Flash)

(Incidentally, Zach also put together Money Thief for the Ludum Dare 18 indie contest, and that’s well worth a play too.)