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A Shot In The Dark

A Shot In The DarkSo what if I told you that a game you have no control over — a game that is essentially entirely random and isn’t even a proper game dammit — is one of the funniest things you’ll play this week? A Shot In The Dark by Uncommon, part of Castle Paradox’s laudable Terrible Games Contest 2009*, is just brilliant. You press left Shift or right Shift to ‘choose’ the course of ten characters’ lives — but the game basically ignores you and throws out whichever ending it likes. This is what all videogames will be like when the sentient AI has enslaved us all. Thanks to the randomness — and the superb writing — this is one game you will genuinely WANT to play over and over again. Gogogo. Play A Shot In The Dark (Windows download)

* and you really should get over there and download these so-called ‘terrible’ games, because surprise surprise they ain’t that terrible at all if you take them in the correct spirit. Which is that they’re, er, terrible. OOOH PARADOX.

3 games from Andrew Brophy

Andrew Brophy has released three games in one go — which means to find time to play them all through in one day, I’ve had to give up sleep, naptime, mid-afternoon naptime and late evening snooze. You’ll understand if I’m a bit crabby.

3 games from Andrew Brodny 1 Back To The Laboratory. Dodge your pet monkey’s flailing fists — while protecting those very same fists from the evil army fighter jets. The anguish! Below-average shooter, but 10/10 for the monkey drawing. His spiralling eyeballs will haunt you in your sleep for decades to come.

2 Takishawa Is Dead! A visually appealing 3D platformer, ostensibly about the search for the eponymous Takishawa. Mainly notable for having to wait 30+ seconds for your hero to very slowly descend to the first level, which is right up there with the queue at the post office on my Fun-Time Things list. Other than that, Takishawa Is Dead! is strangely alluring stuff, despite its obvious simplicity and insistence that this time, buster, you’re gonna be the cameraman.

3 Sworrd Buster. Andrew, I like this one, I really do. But. You grab the sword, you wave the sword, you shoot astonishingly pretty laser death from the sword… what’s not to like? Answer: INVISIBLE BOUNDARIES THAT MAKE PLAYING IMPOSSIBLE. Tch. Perhaps you’re supposed to stay near to that ‘base’ at the bottom of the level? I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt: those rainbow lasers really have put my eyes in a very good mood.

Play Back To The Laboratory, Takishawa Is Dead! and Sworrd Buster (Windows download)


MegaSuper:TIMEWARPPut down that croissant and spend five minutes with MegaSuper:TIMEWARP, Sophie Houlden’s twist on the rhythm action game. Music goes bomf-bomf-bomf, you go tap-tap-tap — so far, so familiar. But wait! The better you are at matching the timing, the faster the music goes. It’s strangely gratifying, and Sophie’s done a bang-on job of matching the beats to the button-presses and luring you hypnotically inside the music. Gets hard and fast at the end, too. As a result, my keys have come off and I want to know who to sue Play MegaSuper: TIMEWARP (Unity, Windows, OSX)

Toast Boy

Toast BoyUpdate: Toast Boy too tricky for ya? here’s a Toast Boy save file with all the levels unlocked. Just download it and stick it in the same folder as ‘Toast Boy.exe’.

Blocky pixelated characters propelling themselves around levels with reverse-thrust jetpacks are sooo hot right now. The cute but adorable Nolegs was released just yesterday — and now here’s the all-shooting, all-flying Toast Boy, who clearly isn’t content with the warmth of a toaster and would rather risk frazzling his legs right off courtesy of combustible rocket fuel. This simplistic little platform-shooter isn’t complex, or varied, or easy to control. But it’s got a couple of mini surprises — and cute-as-a-button characters with wiggly arms. Only 25 teeny levels, too, so no need to cancel that crucial lunch, business types. Play Toast Boy (Windows download)

Squid Yes, Not So Octopus: Squid Harder (beta)

synso2Yes, somewhere in the midst of that image above is your ship. Squid Harder is the sequel to the original SYNSO, and things have got about 10,000 times more Geometry Wars in the interim. This shooter is insane. The easiest level asks you to survive for just 60 minutes in a kaleidoscope of throbbing explosions and fizzing death, and we only managed it on our third go. SYNSO2’s ship controls are a bit slippy-slidey, yep, but you’ll forgive it for taking your eyes on a frightening adventure they’ll never forget. Download the v0.9 beta release now and — take our word for it — use the autofire option. Link to website