Toast BoyUpdate: Toast Boy too tricky for ya? here’s a Toast Boy save file with all the levels unlocked. Just download it and stick it in the same folder as ‘Toast Boy.exe’.

Blocky pixelated characters propelling themselves around levels with reverse-thrust jetpacks are sooo hot right now. The cute but adorable Nolegs was released just yesterday — and now here’s the all-shooting, all-flying Toast Boy, who clearly isn’t content with the warmth of a toaster and would rather risk frazzling his legs right off courtesy of combustible rocket fuel. This simplistic little platform-shooter isn’t complex, or varied, or easy to control. But it’s got a couple of mini surprises — and cute-as-a-button characters with wiggly arms. Only 25 teeny levels, too, so no need to cancel that crucial lunch, business types. Play Toast Boy (Windows download)